Site Update – Another Milestone

A Place We Should Call Home

A Place We Should Call Home

Today, the PSC Discussion Forum reaches another milestone. We surpassed 3,000 hits. Not bad at all for a period of less than 3 months since the launch on July 25, 2008, and that includes the one month vacancy during Ramadhan. Words of mouth and your continuous support to pass on the link to this site are the keys in socializing it to an ever wider audience.

It’s now time to take the Forum into a new dimension. I’ve been thinking about inviting you to also be the contributors to this site, not just by putting forward more comments on the articles I write and post, but also as writers on any subject relevant to Indonesian PSCs. The way to do this is by letting me know in a comment, and then you can send me the article by e-mail. Note that when you post a comment, you should put in your e-mail address, even if it’s not visible to others it’s actually visible to me as the site host/owner, so I can contact you off-line. As the host and moderator of the site, I reserve the right to sort and edit your articles as required.

Again, thanks a lot for being a regular visitor to the site and for all the support !



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