Shall I Revive This Site ?

All, I’ve been away from this site for a couple of years now. At one point in the past, this site was quite popular in the Indonesian oil & gas industry. So many things have changed since then within the industry. Would be great if we can start networking through this site again. Let me know if you think it’s worth reviving the site by indicating your support. Thanks a bunch !


14 responses to “Shall I Revive This Site ?

  1. Dear B.A.D,

    Happy New Year!

    I frequently visit your site, I was a bit disappoint when I found that this site had never been update, of course, there were always so many reasons for that , it happened to my site/blog as well. I didn’t post any article for the last six months.

    Glad to hear that you consider reviving this site. I give you my support.

    • Mas Benny,

      I should apologize to frequent visitors to the site such as yourself that I have been on a hiatus the last two years. It is indeed disappointing that I have been so busy and preoccupied by office business activities that I kind of neglected this site. For a while, I even forgot that I have started it! With enough support, I will surely revive the site and start posting again. The newly enacted gov’t regulation on cost recovery and tax signed by the president last week definitely warrants a discussion.

      Thanks a lot. Please keep the support coming.


      • Taufik Sidik

        Dear B.A.D

        Happy New Year !

        I frequently visit this site and found it is sleeping for a long time. It is right time to wake up to continue our discussion. In this new year many government regulations will effect to upstream industry, such as, Environmental Analysis GRP and Government Procurement GR which will make the industry overregulated and inconducive.

        Best Regard,

  2. Many thanks to reviving this site.. though I haven’t visited it since couple of months ago, because it was like a “sleeping” site.

  3. Please can you tell me where is the PSC in its integrity?

  4. Indeed, I really agree you revive this site ,, I usually check it every weeks, and wondering why this site was sleeping.
    Looking forward to discussion of new regulations.

  5. This site excellent and really shows the talents of the contributors. I would suggest that you perhaps you expand it to other areas in Asia thus you will have more and more interest.

  6. Mr B.A.D
    I love that this information is free.
    Looking forward to your next contribution

  7. Mr. B.A.D,

    I actually want to post something…in exchange with your email address as I need your expertise to help me writing my dissertation, hehe. Well not quite though, I’ll post several topics if that makes you happy…I second the thought to revive the site (and kindly help me to get through my dissertation, you know where to contact me). Thx a bunch!

  8. Stumbled upon this site today while searching for a particular question (How does one go about discovering who (if anyone) owns a PSC on a particular concession of coal?)

    Looks like an awesome site, please keep it going, I look forward to contributing!

  9. I have found this site useful in the past and think a similar means of sharing info would be useful elsewhere. Can you contact me offline to discuss?

  10. lets revive this site, i just read some articles which i found interesting to discuss it with most people involved in the industry (especially located in Indonesia). i believe that the recent issuance of several regulations will affect the industry.

  11. it’s 2013 and i think it is still very much relevant to find comprehensive entries here

  12. It is 2015 already and still waiting for the reviving 🙂

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