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This site is specifically for discussions on issues in Production Sharing Contract (PSC), a popular type of petroleum contract between an investing company (usually a multinational oil & gas company) and the host government representing the people in the country. In such a country, the constitution does not allow Tax & Royalty type of a petroleum contract as all mineral resources underground belong to the people, shall not be privatized, and shall be solely utilized for the welfare of the people. The concept of PSC shares volumes rather than financials, and the government (usually represented by the State National Oil Company or a government agency) has the management right. All the assets (wells, facilities, infrastructures, tools, equipments) in the PSC are owned by the government as well rather than by the company either immediately upon entry into the national territory or upon full recovery of costs.

The main focus of this site is the Indonesian PSC, but we also welcome any discussions on PSCs or PSAs (Production Sharing Agreements) in any other countries.

This is the site where you can discuss all PSC issues openly and honestly, without any associations to your employer or institution. You can even post a comment anonymously if you want. Completely no strings attached !


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